New Division: Informative Research Data Solutions

New Division: Informative Research Data Solutions


IR is excited to officially present our new subsidiary, Informative Research Data Solutions. Data Solutions provides big data analytics, modelling, and business intelligence that improve consumer targeting and retention strategies for lenders. For over a year, the Data Solutions team has been aggregating different data sets to drive growth and adoption for a wider client base.

“It’s no secret that the market is at a crossroads right now,” explained Sean Buckner, CEO and President at Informative Research. “IR has access to more data than most in our market space – data that lenders can capitalize on to help offset negative market impacts to their bottom line. So we’re expanding our services with Data Solutions to help our clients work through that data and develop viable and profitable strategies around it.”

Data Solutions’ products incorporate a unique blend of credit, public record, property, and marketing datasets that are processed and accessed using the latest big data technologies and services. This allows Data Solutions to take a truly customized approach for lenders by looking at national historical data to drive growth. Some of the products that Data Solutions provides include Prospect Insight, Prospect Triggers, Risk and Retention Triggers, MLS Triggers, and Borrower Intelligence.

The Data Solutions leadership team includes:

  1. Patrick Buckner leads the new division as President. With over 10 years of experience, Buckner has expertise in property and casualty insurance, title insurance, mortgage origination/underwriting, and data analytics. Prior to this role, he held various roles in sales, product development/strategy, and business unit leadership at Informative Research.
  2. Bill Butler is SVP of Product and Business Development and responsible for new product development, data acquisition, strategy, and partnerships. With over 18 years of experience, Bill previously led the Prospecting and Acquisitions businesses as Director for Experian’s Credit Services division. He was responsible for leading multiple teams and executed product strategies within the credit, digital marketing, mortgage, and financial services industries.
  3. Mike Hall is SVP of Analytics and Technology and responsible for leading initiatives to help achieve platform scale and usability. With over 30 years of experience in the credit and data information markets, Hall most recently worked as a Senior Director of Data Acquisition and Contracts for CoreLogic where he was accountable for enterprise data acquisition for over 15,000 data sources. Operational responsibility included multiple onshore processing centers for public record procurement activities, field data collection, data licensing, appraisal data conversion and web harvesting.
  4. Shannon Santos, SVP of Business Development, is responsible for customer acquisition and sales strategy. Having been in the financial services industry for over 13 years, Shannon was most recently Vice President of National Accounts at Informative Research where she consistently exceeded her goals and is well-known throughout the industry for being a client-centric leader.

“The financial services industry today faces challenges that require smarter, more adaptive solutions,” emphasized Patrick Buckner. “Data Solutions’ services are useful to lenders that want to combat these challenges by utilizing the vast amount of data in our markets to increase their retention of existing customers, identifying new customers for targeting, and optimize corporate growth investment.”

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