5 Things You Can Do to Expedite a Product Request

5 Things You Can Do to Expedite a Product Request

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to be at the forefront of our minds, the country is slowly starting to open back up and creditors are getting an influx of calls.

Despite these hectic times, there are a few things to keep in mind that could make the process easier for your team and product turn times. Educating your teams on the tips below could be the difference in expediting your request and ensuring a faster delivery for the orders you need.

  1. For conference calls, make sure to give the consumer a heads up
    1. In a lot of cases, the consumer will be confused and won’t know why we’re calling. Explaining to your consumers that Informative Research could be reaching out for a conference call could help speed up the process dramatically. It’s also important to remember that if we don’t receive a response after 4 attempts you will receive an Unable to Verify
  2. Use Action Center and the Express Portals
    1. Did you know that you can order and view the status of a supplement and rescore straight from the credit report without calling in? If not, check out our Action Center and Supplement and Rescore Express Portals. To access the Express Portals, just click on the link located by the trade line. For Action Center, just click the icon in the corner of the first page of the credit report. Contact your rep if you don’t see either of these on the report and would like to get them added.
  3. Providing the full account numbers on revolving accounts
    1. For some of the requests coming in, our teams doesn’t have the last four digits of the account number. By providing the full number, you can prevent any unnecessary delays to your request.
  4. Uploading a current and previous statement to update a mortgage rating
    1. In order to update a mortgage rating, don’t forget to provide the previous month’s statement along with the current statement showing the balance and next due date.
  5. Upload a wet signature
    1. Most of the creditors we fax will not accept e-signed documents. So to avoid any issues, it’s best to send over a wet signature just to be safe!

By remembering to do the things on this list, even if just a few, you could shave off hours (if not days) from receiving your completed order. It’s the little things that could make the biggest difference.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with your rep, or contact us now!